Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taylor and Clint are engaged!

Taylor and Clint will be getting married soon so we spent an evening this week taking some engagement photos. So much fun. They have a great story and I can't wait for their wedding. We started out at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens for some traditional type shots.

Walking through the trees
One shot with my fun lensbaby, it's so cool what it does to the trees.
A fun one on the lawn and a sweet one by this amazing tree.
The roses were in bloom!
I like the light in this one. It was going to be a silhouette but the light reflecting off the water lit their faces. Happy accidents make me smile.

Then we moved on to Robert Carr Chapel where they will be getting married :) I love to take engagement photos at the place where the wedding will be so that there is some meaning to the photos, and with Taylor and Clint...there's such great meaning. His last name is Church, Her last name is Pou (pronounced pew) so we took their photos in the church pews of the chapel where they will tie the knot. They also met at church and he was playing guitar in the praise band and each time he dropped a guitar pick, she picked it up and saved it. I so love these photos.

 They brought their new puppy Reverend along for a few shots.. He's 5 months old and a great dog. He was so well behaved! 
Lying in the grass in front of the chapel.
 These show off the front of the chapel and I plan to shoot similar photos on their wedding day. Wouldn't it be fun to go back on your first anniversary and take a photo just like one of these? Then again at 5 and 10 and 25 years? I can see putting different things on the steps for different stages of life. Like at the wedding, maybe the bouquet, at one year the top of their cake, at 5 years, maybe a baby, at 50 years their grandkids. Yes I get ahead of myself sometimes but I just love this idea. What a fun way to document your life together in the place it all started.
 Her ring and his guitar...notice it is a Taylor guitar :) They are so perfect together...they should get married!
 The picks she kept.
 The Church Pous in the Church Pews. I so love this.
And these.

Finally we went to downtown Fort Worth and shot a few sexy pictures in the alley and near the site where their reception will be held. Super fun!

Congratulations Taylor and Clint! I can't wait for your wonderful wedding!

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