Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last weekend was a football weekend. It's like shooting a wedding but there's no cake ;) I know you don't believe me but practice is like the rehearsal and then the locker rooms are like the bride and groom getting ready shots. The pre-game is like the ceremony and the game itself is like the reception. Still don't believe me? I approach all my assignments with the same philosophy, get the story-telling photos. It's a process from beginning, middle, to end and you have to pay attention to all the details all the time to get those shots. Here are a few from Friday and Saturday.

Friday it was Carroll vs Coppell for the FWST.
Pregame...get your game face on!
 Love this fan in the flag shorts and two faces on the catch. Nice.
 And oh yeah, Tony Romo was standing in the endzone watching the game. Pretty cool.
Saturday it was TCU vs BYU for TCU and the Star-Telegram ran a few photos.

Love it when they lose their helmet.
 Almost a catch.
 Coach is not happy with the call.
 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this was the Frogs for the Cure game. The pink ribbon on the helmet.
The band wore pink feathers and some even wrapped their instruments in pink bandannas to show their support.

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