Monday, March 28, 2011

Lovable Liam - Dallas Baby Portraits

I got to meet Liam last weekend to photograph him and his wonderful family. He's simply amazing and his big brother Zach is awesome. Talk about a super fun creative kid. While Liam was getting a diaper change Zach and I played "pretend" we pretended he was the "weatherman" on TV and he went to get his calendar off the wall in his room and he would point to the 3 and say it was going to be very bright outside on the 3 and then point to the 4 and say it would be hot. We had fun. We also took some beautiful pictures. Here's a peek

First, Meet Liam, my handsome model.
This is my friend Zach, Liam's big brother. Their feet are so cute :)
...and here's mommy and daddy. I love how he has his eyes just glued to theirs.
 And the whole family. Gorgeous.
 So sweet.
 This is my favorite.
Thanks for having me come photograph your beautiful family. I hope to take more photos with you again soon.

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