Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jared's Bar Mitzvah

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Jared's Bar Mitzvah at Congregation Beth-El and his awesome golf-themed party at Ridglea Country Club. Here are a few highlights.
It was a beautiful morning for a celebration.
His Tallis 
 Putting the Tallis on
Reading from the Torah 
A few portraits and details from the service.
The family in front of the Ark. 
A silhouette with the stained glass in the sanctuary.
A few weeks before the service we went out to the golf course and took some portraits to put up at Jared's reception. I love them. 
The reception had so many great golf themed details. I especially loved the place cards in the grass. Oh and clever :)
The kids danced all night.
The glowsticks were a big hit, and I thought it was funny to see a pile of cell phones on the table. Actually as a teacher and an adult, I loved seeing the phones on the table not being used and the kids actually interacting and having fun with each other. It was nice :)
Jared starting off the snowball dance.
 It starts with just one couple...
 and snowballs until everyone is dancing. By the way...I love how they all slow dance at arm's length. So cute.
There's always a great hula hoop contest. 
 Then Jared was introduced. He and his dad shared a laugh...
...he got a kiss from mom, and his "Master's" jacket from the DJ.  
All in for the Hora.
And up in the chair with some confetti. 
 Mom and Dad were good sports and went up too.
 I love this moment with them all smiling after the dance. What a great family.
 The kids were super fun all night.
 as were mom and dad doing the "Dougie"
Mom and the girls dancing to Abba's Dancing Queen 
 And finally a big hug for Jared at the end of the night.
It was a fabulous day, and I hope you love your photos. I'll have the rest edited for you soon 

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