Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rachel + Jason

Rachel and Jason were married a few weeks ago and it was a wonderful ceremony at Marty Leonard Chapel with a super fun reception at Los Vaqueros in Fort Worth. My assistant Scott and I spent the entire day with them capturing all the moments. Here are few of my favorites.
They had some beautiful rings. Very classic.
Her dress and gorgeous shoes. Aren't they fun?
So dad came in to see her right before she put on her dress and the tears started to flow. I love those moments full of happy tears.
 Her dress was really beautiful.
More happy tears when she sees her three daughters. Everyone was crying. Even me.

Waiting to enter the chapel. I love that look she is giving her dad. and I like her daughters all peeking around her maid of honor. Cute!
The moment he sees her for the first time. When everyone is looking at the bride. I like to make sure I see the groom. His face is full of pride and happiness. Don't you think?
 Love this shot with all the parents.
 This was a cute moment. No one else probably saw it but the moment she got to the end of the aisle they both let out a deep breath. It's like they were holding their breath and the moment they were about to be married all that tension just went away...
The next moment...all smiles. Big smiles. Love it.Isn't
Marty Leonard chapel gorgeous?
During their ceremony they lit a unity candle for their families. Each of their children had their own candle and they all lit the one in the center. What a nice symbolic way to say were one family now. Simply beautiful.
I love her body language when he announced them husband and wife and of course the kiss. So romantic!
Their smiles say it all.
 A funny moment as their maid of honor and best man exit, she stooped down to be shorter than him...he thanks her in the toast at the reception. Fun!
 A moment right after the ceremony and the new family!
 The guys and girls. They were all amazing.
 A few gorgeous portraits of the bride and groom.
 Off to the reception :) Love the kids dancing and having fun.
Rachel's brother was competing in the National Tree Climbing Championship and had to miss the wedding but he made the reception and this is the moment she saw her brother. More happy tears :)

 Jason is a Fort Worth Firefighter and his fellow firefighters and their wives made sure the new couple had a fun reception. Thanks Station 17. You guys rock!
 First dance.
 Then the music cuts out after about 30 seconds of dancing and so Jeff Martinez stepped up and sang a song a capella. It was pretty amazing and a wedding moment I will never forget. I actually think it was pretty amazing when he sang to them and I think Rachel though it was pretty great too. Look at that smile!
 A few fun portraits at the reception.
 A nice moment near the end of the night when I was packing up I noticed them sitting together just watching their guests and taking it all in. I snuck a few photos before they noticed ;)
 Last dance and maybe my favorite photo of the evening. Ahhh...bokeh lights, her head on his shoulder, the look on his face. It's perfect and so are they. Congratulations Rachel and Jason!

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  1. I have never seen a more beautiful bride and groom. The love and happiness were ever present. I am so very proud to call them my very own nephew and nephwife! :) I love them so very much and was elated to be able to spend some time sharing this special day I will NEVER forget.
    As far as Sharon Ellman, wow! She has to be one of the most amazing photographers I've ever seen. Her care to capture all the special moments, her love of her profession and her talent ~ they all speak volumes when see her work. Love to all, Auntie C