Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jordi's Fort Worth Bat Mitzvah

Last night I got to spend the evening with a fabulous group of kids celebrating Jordi's Bat Mitzvah. She's awesome and so are her parents who planned a pretty amazing party at Temple Beth El in Fort Worth. Here are the highlights.

I'll start with the cake and the fantastic lighting. The room was glowing pink, purple and blue all night long. How cool is that? And the cake? Ahh...mazing. There were several different layers. you know I had a piece. It was peanut butter with chocolate icing. Yum!
Jordi's grand entrance and welcoming her friends to the party.
Running down the line of her friends.
There was a hula hop competition.
Flip books made by WOW vip events. Everyone loved making these!
 And DJ Patrick "P-Love" Alston and the dancers kept the kids dancing all night.
The Soulja Boy.
Don't Stop Believin'
They were all having a great time all night.

Then there were the snowball dances. I love these. If you don't know what a snowball dance is the bat mitzvah chooses someone to dance with and they dance for a minute or so until the DJ calls "snowball" then they each have to pick a new partner. The new couple dances for a minute or so and the DJ calls "snowball" again and all the kids have to find a new partner and the process "snowballs" until all the kids are slow dancing. It's fun. Don;t you love the kids faces in the background here :) Boys on one side, girls on the other. So fun!
We love Jordi!
Mom, her sisters and grandma dancing and practicing The Hora.
Dad, grandma and brother were all dancing too.
So the music wasn't quite ready when it was time to do The Hora so the family put Jordi in the center and started circling around her to a different song. That was cool.
The Hora! I love her expression. She's having a great time.
Mazel Tov Jordi! I hope you love all your photos.

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