Friday, June 17, 2011

Beth and Don are getting married!

I am so excited for tomorrow! Beth and Don will be getting married and it's going to be so much fun.

Mom and Dad peek out the front door of the chapel to make sure everyone's inside and ready to go for the rehearsal and Don and his groomsmen file in and wait for the girls to come down the aisle.
Wedding Coordinator Extraordinaire Tami Winn talks the ring bearer and flower girl into walking down the aisle separately.
 Kent and Beth practice the walk :) Love that smile!
 The hand off.
 Mom's taking in all in.
 Notice how the chapel ceiling makes a "W"? Thats for the Wonderful Worley Wedding Weekend :) Yes, I'm crazy but it's's a wonderful weekend for a wedding. Gotta practice the kiss too.
 Mom and dad danced their way back out of the chapel. They're so fun. I love them.
 After the run through everyone sat on the edges of the aisle so the flower girl could practice handing out the flowers. Here, she's giving one to the groom. What a cutie!
 Off to the rehearsal dinner and Falyn gives her Dad a kiss as Rachel watches. Too sweet.
 Congratulations Beth Don and Falyn! Tomorrow's going to be fun!

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