Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pamela and Dennis are Married!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Pam and Dennis' wedding in Dallas at Christ the King Catholic Church. So amazing. They are a gorgeous couple and this church is simply amazing. Their reception was at the Dallas Museum of Art in the Seventeen Seventeen Restaurant and it was spectacular. They had an amazing group of vendors. The flowers were by Freesia. Emily at Blessed Unions was the wedding planner and Colleen kept everyone on schedule at the church. The cake was from Romano's Bakery and DJ Big J kept the party dancing all night. They also had Pic Flips making these super cool favors for all the guests. My two assistants did a great are the highlights.

They have 5 "P"'s in their names so Pamela has created this little logo to represent them. 
 Another shot of the rings because they are really beautiful, His has a wooden inlay and hers is just gorgeous.
 The flower girl was the cutest.
Pam's shoes and dress.
 I love this shot of her getting ready in two mirrors.
 This one is nice too where her new sister-in-law is watching her get make-up finished in the bride's room at the church.
 A moment with Mom just before putting on the dress.
 A tear filled moment with Dad just after putting on the dress.
 The gorgeous girls.
 The awesome guys.
I loved her bouquet, especially the rosary wrapped around it. Beautiful.
I caught Mom peeking through the glass just before the ceremony :) and AP walks hi daughter down the aisle.
 Christ the King is a stunning church.
Did I mention I love this church? They have some archways that open to the altar so you can see the couple from the front without being intrusive. Oh how I love this church. These shots are priceless where he's wiping away her tears and they are exchanging rings. 
 The Kiss.
 This was a wonderful moment right after the ceremony when they were hidden away in the bride's room before anyone else came in well except for me and she leaned into him and he looked up at the mirror across the room and his smile just says it all. It's such genuine happiness. I love everything about this photo right down to the clock in the background that says 8:15.
Some alone time at the church.
And at the DMA.
 A few reception details.
 Yes, It was pretty amazing.
 And the flowers...awesome!
Everyone was laughing and crying during the toasts.
Their first dance was really sweet...
 ...and fun...
...and emotional. I love this happy couple.
Pam dancing with her dad.
 and PJ dancing with his mom which Pam and her Dad watch.
 The bouquet toss was fabulous.
 The girls really went after it. So fun!
The garter. Love the look she's giving him.
 The Bride and Groom got a chance to make a Flip Book. These were some really cool favors.
 Sparkler exit!
Pam and PJ, I hope you love your photos. Thanks for picking me to take them for you.

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