Monday, June 27, 2011

Isaac - Fort Worth Baby Portraits

Today I got to hang out with Isaac in my new studio. He's a cutie! 
 Love that smile. Isn't he adorable?
 He's got great eyes and a perfect little pout too!
My new studio is so awesome. I love that I have lots of backgrounds to give you lots of options for an indoor...and much cooler photo, session this summer. Can you believe how hot it's been lately? We just finished painting the floor, and the metal wall is in and looks fantastic. The brick wall has been cleaned and coated so there are no more crazy reflections. Want to schedule a session? I'm running a What you Want Wednesday special where you book your session on Wednesday in July and it's only $150. Bring what you want, who you want, choose the background you want and we will make some beautiful photos! Email me to book for July 6th or 20th now.

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