Sunday, July 21, 2013

Publications :)

You know how I love to see my name in print. Really, I do. And I love to share what I've been doing so here's another little post with some photos that have been published. It's not all glamorous but that's OK by me...every assignment makes me a better photographer.
That being said...I'll start off with a glamorous one. The cover, yes the COVER, of the Sporting News with a Jason Garrett photo I took at a Dallas Cowboys game last season. I love when I google myself and stuff like this pops up. You google yourself, don;t you? You should.
Here's another glamorous one. This is Emmanuel Mudiay. He's the number one high school basketball player in America. I got a call on Thursday that he was playing in a tournament in Duncanville, could I pop over there and get a portrait of him for a magazine cover. This obviously isn't the cover shot since a magazine is vertical...I'll save that for when the magazine is published. Basically I show up, ask around to find someone who knows him because I don't have any contact information for him. Everyone knew him. When he go there, I told him what I wanted, game was starting in about 5 minutes, I got 3 and a half to set up and take a cover shot of him in a makeshift locker room with the rest of his teammates changing clothes all around us. That was only a bit awkward. The really interesting thing was listening to the crowd as I followed him through the gym to the changing room. All around us you could hear people whispering his name. I guess that's what it's like to be a celebrity at 17. I'll never be famous, but hey...I rocked this shot.
 Here's one I don't get to see very often anymore. Actual newsprint. Wow. I got called about an hour before this event that this sweet little girl with brain cancer had wished for snow and a local organization was planning to fill her yard with "snow". I miss journalism so much. I love that spur of the moment running to a story and working to get "The Shot".  It ran metro's been a long time since I've used those words in my vocabulary :)
with a jump...
and a nice slideshow online.
 The TCU football fact book is out. I know you are expecting to see action here but I don't often shoot TCU football for the department that puts together the fact book...I do shoot head shots and facility shots for them though. And I still get to shoot football :)! I shot a few group photos for the different debutant groups in Fort Worth this year and they ran in the paper Friday. These are the Steeplechase and Assembly Debutantes for this year. I'll bee seeing them again at their ball :)

Thanks for looking!

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