Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Brady is one!

It seems like just yesterday that I was photographing Brady's newborn photos but it was a year ago. He's commando crawling now, saying simple words and I bet by the time I see him again he'll be running all over the place. His commando army crawl is the cutest thing ever though...he really can move!
So here's the birthday boy with his awesome mommy and daddy.
 He's all about the football and mom found this super cute shirt for him to wear.
 We also played with some balloons which Brady loved. I think the photo with the 1st Birthday balloon was the only moment he really sat still all day. This little man can move and he had so much fun playing with the balloons.
 I love this one.
 Of course we had to do a little smashcake. The Sprinkle Cake is from Leah's Sweet Treats in Fort Worth and she's awesome. I've had her cupcakes at several events and they are just out of this world. This little series of photos is so cute. Brady was a little inquisitive at the beginning, having a blast in the middle and by the end...showing off the sprinkles on his feet. What a cutie!
 Gotta love the sprinkle face!
 See ya! I'm outta here.
 After the cake we took a little bath in the sink and mom brought this cute little hooded towel. I'm in love with this sweet little face :)
 Finally, for those of you that know this family...do you see a resemblance here? Honestly I feel like I'm looking right at a baby photo of Kent. Amazing.
 Happy Birthday Brady!

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