Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Rings

Wedding Rings. They are so beautiful and meaningful. I love finding different ways to photograph the rings at a wedding. Sometimes its just the two weddings bands, other times I include the engagement ring as well. Here are a few of my recent ring photos. I love adding in the flowers or the flower girl. The more personal and memorable I can make the ring photos, the happier I am. These rings are from the weddings of Darek & Melissa, Markus & Kristi, Jenny & Jeff and Kelly & Lindsey.
This last one is from a wedding I photographed just a few weeks ago. The bride was getting ready in this amazing loft and the furniture there was very modern with white leather, mirrors and chrome. I'm pretty much a journalist and moving things around makes me uncomfortable, but when I saw the rings and the bracelet laying on the mirrored end table I just had to arrange them so that I could see a pretty reflection of them. Obviously the bracelet was not laying on its side, but I was able to use it to prop up the rings side-by-side just like the bride and groom will be standing side-by-side at the wedding and in life.

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