Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Party

Today's birthday party ROCKED! There were so many good photos to take because the awesome Mom had great activities planned. There were water balloons, pin the tail on the donkey, and a pinata. There was food and the most amazing birthday cake. Not only was there a big beautifully decorated cake to take pictures of, the grandma made a tiny cake just for the birthday boy to eat by himself. They had balloons, and cotton candy and a backyard full of wonderful friends and family members.

This is Roman. It was his first birthday party.
When you walked in the gate you were greeted with a bubble machine!
Roman loves balloons!
These kids really took it out on the train engine pinata.
This is one of my favorites. I love the kids sticking their fingers in the cake and the mom just smiling. She has such a great smile, I can totally feel her joy in this photo.
And this is probably my favorite photo of the day. Birthday boy and dad after eating cake. Precious.
I've got so many more awesome photos and I can't wait to see what the family thinks of them. Thanks to Taylor for coming out to help me take photos and thanks to Roman and his awesome family for letting me share this special day with them.


  1. Sharon,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Words cannot express enough the feelings I have about you shooting our family event. Your ability to capture the essence of our backyard birthday party and the fun that all of our guests had amazes me.

    As I sat and sorted through the images, I felt so much emotion seeing the joy and happiness on our guests faces and the candid looks you caught. You were able to capture the child like looks of the adults, the innocence of the children who were there and the fun we all had.

    I want to thank you for using your talent to help us create these lasting memories. Word of mouth travels fast and I have already shown my parents the images and tonight I am "screening" them for more family members. No one wants to wait until I sort through them and create an abreviated version, they want to see them ALL!

    Thank you again!
    The Rickard Family: Brian, Lydia & Roman

  2. Sharon! These are beautiful! Makes me even more sad I couldn't be there. Hope you are doing good!

    Kendra Casey Plank