Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Herd

Every day at 11:30 and 4 the Fort Worth Herd makes is way through the Stockyards up Exchange Avenue. It's pretty cool but to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of these daily cattle drives the city of Fort Worth decided to drive the herd of 18 Longhorns all the way down from the Stockyards along the Trinity River and along the north side of downtown. I'll admit it was pretty cool. I don't know how many people were along the route watching it but I was on the Trinity River Levee just north of downtown when they stopped to graze for a few minutes before moving on. I got a chance to get pretty close to the longhorns and took some nice photos with the courthouse and Fort Worth skyline in the background. These are two of my favorites from the day. The first is a tighter shot of tow longhorns with the courthouse behind them and the second is what I call "Surf and Turf". If you ever go down along the Trinity River you will see a small area where someone has painted a school of fish on the wall. As the cattle were passing by I thought it was a funny photo to make. 


  1. As always your photos are top notch! Love you BFFL!