Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday I showed you my Kasey Kahne photos so today I'll share with you some of my other pics from the track. I did spend a lot of the day with Kasey but that doesn't mean I didn't have time for a few other drivers :) and some racing photos.

The road course is pretty cool. This part of the course is called the "Esses" and the drives have to snake through several s-curves before getting to a straightaway followed by a hairpin turn. I didn't shoot a lot of race action but I liked how when some of the cars hit this first turn the fire came out from under the car.
The drivers only pit a few times on this course because the race is only 110 leaps so I spent most of my time running up and down pit road waiting trying to catch as many drivers as I could each stop. This photo was a bonus as they pitted early int he race and the crew guy crawled all the way under the just looks like he got smashed like the Wicked Witch of the East! It makes me laugh.
Kyle Busch's first pit stop. He took off while the front tired changer was still holding onto the car. I was standing right there and it was a little scary. The guy go back up but as you can see he got dragged a little ways before he got loose.
It was pretty hot in the pits.
Jimmie Johnson walking out for drive introductions.
Jimmie's second pit stop.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. being mobbed by fans for autographs.
Dale smiling right at me as he passed by on the parade lap.
Finally, a panned photo of Dale's #88 passing in front of his merchandise trailer that was parked in the infield.

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