Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today I worked on the set of a commercial being filmed. What an interesting day. Obviously it was very different from what I am used to but I loved the challenge. I could not use a flash, at all, not even when they weren't filming, and I had to limit my shooting to between takes so that the sound of my shutter would not be heard on the audio. It is pretty amazing to see the film crew transform a room into a mini studio with all the lights, cameras, and dolly tracks.

It was like you would see on TV with a room full of food for the workers to munch on and separate places for costume, make-up and props. There was even a hair and make-up person who was carrying around a bottle of "Sweat" to spray the talent with. It was very interesting to watch the whole thing come together.

I was there to shoot stills of the talent working with some local kids. I can't tell you who the talent was what the commercial was for but I can show you a few of my other photos from the shoot. Once the commercial is produced and being shown...i'll be able to post some of my other photos. For now...
You get a cool silhouette, using on of the TV lights.
And a photo of one of the local kids patiently waiting his turn on camera with the remains of the last group of kids strewn around him.
There were like 20 kids there today and I was quite impressed with how professional they were acting. They didn't ask for autographs and they took their job for the day very seriously. Some of them had done commercials before but most were new to it like me. All in all it was a fun day.

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