Sunday, June 21, 2009

Race Winner

I spent the day with Kasey Kahne...really I did. I photographed the race at Sonoma and my assignment was to hang with Kasey during pre-race and then shoot a few pit stops and go to the roof for the finish. I just knew I was with the winner :)

I even took my photo with his car during pre-race...i just had a feeling.
When he came out he was mobbed by fans for autographs. It always amazes me how much access fans get to the drivers at NASCAR.
Then when he finally got to his car I got a nice tight portrait.
Kasey with his pit crew during the National Anthem.
Kasey leading a restart after a caution near the end of the race.
Taking the checkered flag.
Celebrating with a burnout on the front stretch.
Finally celebrating with his temmates and cans of Budweiser in Winners Circle.


  1. I'm jealous your job was to hang out with Kasey Kahne.