Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One Year Anniversary

Have you looked at most wedding photographer's websites? If you have you will see that they will give you a CD of selected images on your one-year anniversary. Really?!! First of all I don't want to have to remember to send you a CD a year after your wedding and second why would you want to wait to show off all your wedding photos on your personal website or blog or other social media network. I know why they do it that way...they want you to buy their expensive packages so you get your book and prints and they get lots of money. I don't work that way. When I photograph your wedding you get all your images, not just the ones I like, because face it...we all like different things for different reasons. You get your images on CD or DVD on your wedding day. All of them. When you hire me you can post photos from your wedding on your blog right after the wedding...if that's what you want to do ;) 

I also offer prints and books that you can purchase that will be delivered as soon as they are printed, but if you don't want to order prints through me that's cool. I don't mind one bit. I'm happy to make prints for you but I'm perfectly content letting you print your own photos so you get what you want, when you want it at the price you want to pay.

I photographed the wedding of Jenny and Jeff one year ago this month. Here are some of my favorite photos from their wedding in Fort Worth at the Ashton Hotel.

Here are their rings.

Jenny getting ready with some help from her attendants.

The Kiss

Reception Details

Leaving the reception surrounded by bubbles in downtown Fort Worth.

Some alone time after the ceremony.

My favorite photo...there was a big bathtub in the room where Jenny got ready so after the wedding and reception we went back to the room and they hopped in the tub for a fun photo.

Would you want to wait a year for these photos? Not me. I'm an instant gratification kind of girl. I want my photos and I want them now. I bet you do too.

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