Sunday, June 21, 2009

NASCAR Qualifying

Friday I spent the day photographing NASCAR qualifying for the Sunday race. It was a little different because instead of focusing on the top qualifier like I would be if I were still with the newspaper, I was focusing on sponsors. It was a good challenge for me to make sure the sponsor was prominent in the image while still keeping a journalistic look.

Lowe's sponsors Jimmie Johnson.

Caterpillar sponsors Ward Burton. This is my favorite series of the day. I think the sponsor will like the tighter one, but I really like the bokeh in the background of the wider one.

Mark Martin sits next to his car on pit road. Most of the photographers were there shooting from the side but I like it from the front of the car with all the stickers on the fender.
Finally, this is a nice brightly colored photo showing 4 sponsors at once. Pretty fun!
The race is today so I'll be in the pits for most of the race and on the roof for the finish. I love the finish from the roof's not a high grandstand so the photo is pretty cool when the winner does a burnout and jumps out of the car on the front stretch. I can't wait!

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