Saturday, June 27, 2009


Last night I got to shoot the Texas Rangers vs San Diego Padres game. It was great and for those of you who know me'll be impressed I cut my take down to 10 photos. Yes, I only sent 10 photos from the game. That's a pretty impressive tight edit for me. ;)

Here's are a few pictures I like that didn't make the cut because they just weren't plays of the game. They are really nice photos and I like them a lot. It took all my willpower to keep from sending them.

First is Michael Young making an off balance catch where he ended up making a 360 turn to throw the ball back to first for an out.
Next is the Padres Scott Hariston making a falling catch in centerfield. I love the grass coming up around him.
Finally, this isn't a game photo but it make me look twice. The ball girl was doing flips on the field during the dot race and I just took a photo. Why? I don't know, sometimes I just take random photos to see what I get, and when I went through my take my first thought was, "What happended to her head?" It makes me laugh.
Last night was a lot of fun for me and I hope I get to shoot more Rangers soon! I'm off to a birthday party today. There will be a pinata and I can't wait! I'll post cool photos from the party soon.

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  1. Nice shots Sharon. Good to see you back in the photo pits. I totally missed the Michael Young play and was thinking to myself that would have been a good shot. You did great!