Sunday, June 14, 2009

Birthday Party Outtakes

So here are a few more photos from the party today. I photographed all the kids playing in the pool and in the party room and I came up with a few I liked. This is Addisyn. You saw her in my very first blog post in the bluebonnets. She's a serious little girl and you have to catch her off guard to get that pretty smile he has. She was having a great time in the pool today so I took the opportunity to get some cute photos of her.

This is Lauren. She and I cannot figure out what the tooth fairy does with all the teeth she picks up. But seriously I love love LOVE this picture of her and her mom.
Last is another picture of Miss Julia. Now if you know Julia you know she is a tomboy. Hardcore tomboy. When she opened up this little purse her expression was priceless. I can just read her mind here..."What am I going to do with this??" It cracks me up especially looking at the other girls in the background who are all ooh, aah, smiles for the purse. I love this kid!

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  1. That is so classic Julia face! LOVE IT!! :) Love them all!!