Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Graduation and link to Graduation Slideshow

Summit High School held graduation today at the Potter's House and of course I was there to take pictures. I've posted a slideshow with music on my website but before I give you the link I want to share a few of my favorite photos from the day.

First up is this photo of two girls and one of my students, Chase, sitting in the halls waiting for the graduation to start. I love the bare feet and the way Chase is holding his mortarboard in front of him instead of wearing it on his head.
Next is these two graduates peeking through the doors just before the ceremony starts. This is the kind of photo I looked for every graduation I went to when I worked at the newspaper. 
A detail photo of the 09 on the tassel.
Monika and Hayden look for their relatives. 
Jennifer Demick hugs Mariska after she received her diploma and walked through the line-up of teachers. I cannot stand in the line of teachers because I will cry. Seriously cry and when I cry I can't see to take pictures :)
Finally, Superman...this kid was great. He was near the end of the graduates and as his name was called he pulled open his gown to show his superman shirt. I loved it!
If you want to see more photos from graduation you can see the slideshow here. It will also be posted on the school website in a few days but I have to get up to the school to post it and I have classes the next two days...

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