Monday, August 24, 2009

More places I was published

See all the red arrows? Those are my photos on the Blogging the Boys website. Yes I'm a nerd. I took a screen grab of the webpage and put the arrows on it to show you. What can I say?
So I totally googled myself after the Cowboys game to see where my photos ran online and I was pleasantly surprised. I was on the ESPN page again and I also got photos on several newspaper websites. So Cool! My mom called today and said my photo was on the front page of the sports section in the Amarillo Globe News and I heard I might have even had a photo run in the Dallas Morning News.

Here's my smiling Tony Romo Photo on NFL Fanhouse.
The nice Vince Young Sack picture in the Sacramento Bee.
A stadium overall on USA Today.
There were a ton of other sites too. I so can't wait for the next time I get to take photos.

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