Sunday, August 23, 2009

More Cowboys

I had a crazy work weekend but I loved every minute it. I worked continuously from Friday at 8 am until Saturday at 2 am except for about 6 hours of sleep overnight and a one hour shopping excursion to Kohl's which was actually work related. Call me crazy but I was seriously pumped about my weekend and the photos I took. I haven't even had a chance to look at the wedding photos yet but here are some out-takes from the cowboys game.

Here is Tony Romo taking the field from overhead.
Demarcus Ware was dripping sweat after the game but i'll tell you it was so nice in that stadium. In the past at preseason games in August the field temperature on the turf would be over 100-degrees but it was so cool in the air conditioning with the roof closed. Ahhh...climate controlled sports makes for much more pleasant working conditions :)
Coach was not happy about a call.
One of my favorites from the game. A touchdown pass with a penalty flag. NICE!
Vince Young gets tackled by Demarcus Ware.
I love the expression on the quarterback's face.
The Cowboys defense celebrates a sack as the quarterback walks past with his head down.
I love this one. Vince and Tony after the game on the field. Matt chased the coaches after the game and I chased the quarterbacks. Rarely do I get them both looking my way. I got lucky!

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