Saturday, August 22, 2009


I got the opportunity to take photos on the sideline at the Dallas Cowboys game this evening. It was great. I've really missed being on the sidelines these past few months.

I started out the game way up high in the stands to shoot some over photos. I like the sign. Enjoy the game. I did.
I made my way down to the field in the second quarter to shoot a little action while the starters were still in the game.
Gotta love Tony Romo smiling on teh sideline in the fourth quarter.
Here's me and some of the great people I worked with tonight at the stadium after the game, Donna, Matt and Jessica. Jessica gave me probably the best compliment ever. We were talking about me shooting the games and she said, "You belong here." That was probably the nicest thing I've ever been told about my work as a photographer. Thanks Jessica.
I have a wedding tomorrow so that's all for now. I'll post some more photos from the game later.


  1. you DO belong there, just don't leave us at Summit!

  2. You do belong here and there and at any sporting event!! Jess is sweet to remind you of that. Just because the economy isn't right and business men just want to see profit on the bottom line doesn't mean you have lost your touch at all!! It means you got caught in the "lens" hairs!! I look forward to seeing more of your Cowboys pics.