Thursday, August 27, 2009


It stormed this evening which made me think of a photo I took over 10 years ago of a strike of lightning over Fort Worth. It's funny I shot the photo for the newspaper when I worked there, and I've seen it being used on a facebook fan page to be a fan of Fort Worth. I'm guessing that the person who set up that fan page did not legally buy the photo or the rights to use it but what can you do? It would be nice if the person administering the page would at least give the photographer (ME!) some credit for this awesome picture, right?
It's funny when I think of when I took this photo. I was still shooting film cameras and I was driving back to downtown to process film from an assignment in Denton and it was lightning like crazy over downtown. I pulled over on I-35 and set my camera on the dashboard of my car and just opened the shutter on bulb setting until I saw lightning. I took about 12 frames of film and when I processed the film this was the only one that had any lightning at all in the picture. It's so much easier with digital to look at the back to see if you got the picture but I loved the "old days" when you had to trust your instincts and yourself to be a good photographer.

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  1. I love this picture Mrs. Ellman. I want to take one like it.