Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Photos

This week I spent some time with some friends who recently had a baby girl, they also have a fabulous four-year-old and we took some holiday and newborn photos. Here are my favorites.

Meet Lucy...she is so sweet. Look how she holds her thumb in between her fingers in a fist, and those long eyelashes. Ahhhh!
So Ethan totally LOVES his Santa hat. What a great kid. He was "Ho, ho, ho...Merry Christmas!" Every time he put it on. We had so much fun.
Lucy was not having any part of her brother holding her so this was a nice way to get the two of them together in a photo.
He has some beautiful eyes!
Thanks for letting me spend some time with you!

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  1. Thanks, Sharon! The photos are fantastic. Ethan had such a great time with you.