Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas 1972

So I tried out this new scanner made by Pandigital and it is fantastic. It's called the Pandigital Photolink One-Touch Scanner and it is so easy to use and fast! My husband named his "Gadget of the Year" in his column and I agree. I scanned like 300 old family photos in less than an hour. It took me longer to organize them on my computer than it did to scan them in.

Here are some photos from Christmas 1972, I was almost 1 year-old and we had a pretty cool silver Christmas tree :)

The stockings were hung...but there was no chimney in our house at that time.
I liked the tricycle I'm sure!
Yes, I got a top, some blocks, a rocking chair and Raggedy Ann. Do they still make those?
Funny, the dog we had back then, looks like the dog I have now!

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