Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Reception

This should be the final post of Samantha and Jeremiah's wedding photos, that is unless I find some more I just have to share.

The reception. What an amazing party. I was laughing and crying all night long.
First dance as husband and wife.

They are so happy.

So the best man comes out wearing a sombrero and dancing to "It's peanut butter jelly time". I don't think I have ever laughed this hard.

Caleb and Jeremiah.

The bride and groom look at each other as Beth tears up during the toasts.


Kent bows to his daughter after the father daughter dance. Ok, I'll admit, I was crying along with everyone else.

Mother and son share a laugh while dancing.

A sweet moment while Jeremiah dances with Falyn.

Jeremiah and his brother are seriously funny. They danced the dollar dance and later in the evening did a dance to Mr. Roboto. So hilarious!

Wow! Look at that!

Father of the bride does the Cupid Shuffle with all the ladies.

My favorite moment...singing the Tech fight song. "We will hit 'em, we will wreck 'em, hit 'em, wreck 'em Texas Tech, and the victory bells will ring out!"

Sam sits on Caleb as a chair while Jeremiah takes off the garter.

One last photo before they leave.

Love the sparkler exit. Beautiful.

Waving good-bye!

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