Friday, May 7, 2010

The McCullars

Tonight I got to spend some time with one for my favorite former students :) So very cool. Brennan was in the first group of students I taught. In fact, he was in my classroom the very first day I was a teacher. Wow. Now he is married and has a precious little boy. I'm so lucky to get to see how he grew up. I'm impressed. He went from a fabulous student who kept me sane in a trying first year of teaching to an amazing husband and father.

Here are my quick pick favorites from tonight.
So I've been imagining this photo in my mind since last time I saw Brennan's tattoo.
One of my favorite places to shoot.
From overhead. The colors work really well together.
I like how they are all touching. Very Michelangelo.
Just Ashley and Brennan. Together.
How cute is this kid?
Love that little smile.
As we were walking back to the parking lot I saw the light hitting the fence so we had to stop. Isn't the shadow amazing?

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  1. Ms. E!! These pictures are AMAZING! I can't wait for you to take my sisters wedding pictures!!!