Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Card Templates

It's the time of year again to make holiday cards. Red River Paper has contracted me again to make some fun templates for you to use to easily make your own custom Christmas Cards. I've created three designs for 2010 and I love them all. They are bright fun colors and easy to slip you own photos into an customize the text. If you've always wanted to make you own holiday cards and have them look professional...here's an easy way to do it. Just go to Red River Paper's site buy a template and some of their amazing cardstock which is pre-scored so it folds nice and neat, pop your photos into the template in photoshop, print and voila! Custom Holiday Cards. Here are the designs I created with some photos from my recent sessions in them. It took me longer to pick out which photos I wanted to put on teh cards than it did to actually create them from the template.

Holiday Blue with photos of Isla. She'll be about 8 weeks old on Christmas, a perfect Holiday gift. If she were mine. I would customize this card with her date of birth and weight in the empty white square and make it a combination birth announcement/holiday card. It's a portrait orientation card that when folded her feet would be on the back and the family photo would be on the front. Too Cute!
Holiday Red with photos of Roman, Lydia and Brian that I shot this evening. Roman is a cutie and I love photographing him. Lydia is amazing and already had her house totally decorated with real presents under the tree. I am such a slacker. All I've done it take other people's holiday photos and create three card designs ;) This one is a landscape oriented card and when you make it you have to put the photos on the back in upside down but I've taken it apart here and put the font on the top for you and the back on the bottom. I don;t want you to have to turn your computer upside down to see the back. lol.
Holiday Green with a photo of my sweet nieces I took on Thanksgiving. This is also a portrait orientation card so the photo will be on the front and the date will be on the back when it's folded.
Try them out. Each design comes in four different sizes so you can print different sized cards for everyone on your list.

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