Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Gilley

This morning I spent some time with Beth and Don, A.K.A. The Future Mr. and Mrs. Gilley. We took the first part of their engagement portraits at the Elementary School in Euless where they met. No, they are not elementary school sweethearts, although they are cute enough to be, they are both teachers. Here are a few of the fun photos we took at the school.
She had a key to change the letters on the marquee :) Great idea Beth!
They met when he was pushing this cart down the hall and she jumped on for a ride. CUTE!
So of course we had to have some fun with the cart. I'm glad the principal wasn't there to stop us from running in the halls ;) I promise no one ran with scissors!
Showing off the bling!
Finally in her classroom. Love the lockers.
And this one wasn't at the school but just around the corner. The clouds were so cool we just stopped and took a quick photo. I like it!
Congratulations Beth and Don I'll post the rest of the photos a little later!

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  1. Don and Beth what great pictures! They are so creative and sweet, some of the best engagement pictures I have ever seen! Congratulations!