Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Emma Claire has arrived and she is just perfect. I love photographing newborns. Emma is 16 days old today...she's just so tiny and wonderful. Ahhh...there's nothing better than a brand-new baby :)
Look at those big beautiful eyes!
She's super sweet.
Cuddled up in a basket and with her protector Mayer.
You know me...I have to get the rings in there somehow.
I love this one.
And this one too. Daddy's tattoo just makes this photo perfect.
This is the last one we took. Mom had these hat boxes and when we placed her in there she grabbed the edge and hung on. Wow. She's got a grip! You can't believe how strong she is! What an adorable little girl!
Welcome Emma! I hope to take photos of you again soon!

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