Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Cards

I've been doing a little graphic design work lately and my first set of cards is in the store. So excited! I was contact by Red River Paper to create some custom photoshop and photoshop elements templates for their customers who by their amazing inkjet greeting card paper.

If you print at home and you haven't tried Red River paper yet...I use it at school and it's great! The 12x12 scrapbook paper is perfect for the custom scrapbook pages I make and the card paper is scored in the center to fold smoothly.

Here are a few of the templates I created and you can see the rest in the gallery at redriverpaper.com. All the templates are created with a front and a back so they fold down the middle. They might look strange here but you have to imagine them folded like a card. If you are used to using photoshop you can see how they will work. You open the template and then copy and paste your photo into the template. Drag your photo layer over the grey rectangle "photo" layer in the Layers Panel and then create a clipping mask and your photo magically takes the shape of the photo box in the template. You might have to resize it using the transform command after that but it is so easy to create your own personal cards using the templates. With the cost of greeting cards at the store, I really like making my own cards. These cards are a great deal. When you buy a card design you get 4 different card sizes in your download. If you like them you should but some and make your own cards. Very easy and a nice personal gift for your loved ones.

Candy Hearts - The card design from the Conversation Hearts photo shoot a few weeks ago. Seriously, I had to pick through the bag of hearts to find the few that had readable words on them. You would be shocked at how few of the hearts even had words on them.
Brown Polka Dots - I think this was my third design and I wanted to make one that wasn;t completely typical "Valentine" red and pink. Pink and brown is really trendy right now and I think this could be used not just for Valentine's day but for any kind of I Love You or Thinking of You or Anniversary kind of card.
Red Love - This was the second card I designed and I really like it. OK..I love it.

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