Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Basketball times 3!

Yesterday I went to three basketball games. Yes I am crazy, but I love taking photos. Here are a few favorites:
Ladies first ;)
Give me that ball!
Now for the boys games:
I like the framing on this one.
Battle for a rebound.
The cheerleaders share a secret. Love that.
The fans were really into the game.
You know I love the scrappy players.
I like the faces here.
Nice basket.
And the whole reason I went to the games was that the players were honoring a teacher that had a significant impact on their life at halftime. Ahh...I love that stuff, especially when kids are telling their teachers what a difference they have made in their lives. I've been honored publicly like that three times in my teaching career and I cherish those moments. Teaching can sometimes be a thankless job, but when a student takes the time to tell a teacher how much they have meant to them...well that's when they make a difference in their teacher's lives. Thanks to all the great students I have had. You make me want to be a better teacher every day.

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