Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kelsi + Brandon

Last night Kelsi and Brandon got married! What a sweet couple. I loved working with them and their families. Their ceremony was outside at Modeana, Texas and it was simply gorgeous. Here's a little sneak peeks at their day.
Aren't they gorgeous? I could not have asked for a more perfect bride and groom on a perfect day in the country.
 The know I love everything that sparkles.
 Kelsi's dad hadn't seen her dress, and this was the moment he did. Everyone in the room was in tears.
 Kelsi and Brandon decided to do a first look. He had a present for her in a LOVE bag...sweet! Their expressions say it all. The first look isn't for every one but I love it when my couples choose to see each other before the ceremony, it's always such an honor to be the only other one watching this happen.
 Then since they did a first look we had tons or time and beautiful light to play and have fun with our wedding party photos. So we did this...
 ...and this...
...and even this! Love the boots!
 and a little alone time too.
 The ceremony was amazing. Brandon was still in awe as she walked down the aisle even though they had already seen each other and her dad...well you can see he's working hard to fight back the tears.
 When the minister, who was hilarious by the way, asked who gives this woman to be married...she handed over her credit card. LOVE IT!
 This venue is amazing.
 The rings and the kiss!
 At the end of the night we took a few photos outside under the chandeliers in the walkway to the outdoor altar. Gorgeous!
I've also uploaded the photos to a facebook album where you can tag yourself and your friends. Enjoy! I hope you love them all.

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