Friday, May 24, 2013

Alex + Chris

Gosh...I've been so busy I haven't had time to sit down and blog about one of the most beautiful weddings I've shot this year. Alex and Chris were married at Good Shepherd Catholic Church last month and then they had a gorgeous reception at Level Two in Dallas. Their DJ's Dave and JP of DJ Connection kept it rocking all night. I am so glad Lisa and Charlie sent Alex and Chris my way because their wedding was fabulous!
They had shot glasses and rally towels as favors. How cool is that? You know I like to make each ring photo individualized to the couple and this one was fun since their names were on the glass.
 Her dress and lace trimmed veil.
 Her garters and shoes. Flats. Smart Girl. She actually had the blue garter to throw and the white one was made from a piece of lace from her mothers wedding dress. I love this idea.
 A few fun getting ready shots.
 Her hair dressers were so much fun.
Love ths photo of her mom and sister looking at her in the mirror. their expressions are just priceless and perfect.
Chris holds the ring that will make Alex his wife. See those diamonds all the way around...eternity bands are my favorite. Hint, hint...Gregg are you reading this?
 A few ceremony details: tulips around the baptismal font, a gorgeously lit beautiful sanctuary and the painting of the Virgin Mary. Simple and elegant.
 I love that they can;t take their eyes off each other as she walks in.
 And he's still looking at her. She is stunning.
 They made and offering to Mary and then walked back to the altar for the rest of their service. So perfect.
 the kiss and that moment right after when they looked at each other for the first time.
A few portraits. The tulips just made this perfect.
 The gorgeous girls. I'll let you in on a secret. Shh...don't tell, they rented the dresses. OK, do tell...that's a fantastic idea because aren't going to "shorten it and wear it again." They used and basically they picked them out and the company sent them two different sizes and it was about $50. Yes please!
 The handsome guys. I'm loving the gray and purple.
Some alone time. I love the handles on the doors at Good Shepherd and I sort of see a wedding as opening doors to your future together so I love to shoot in the doorway at this church. Then Alex and Chris actually got engaged in the community room at the church so we went in there to take a few portraits and there happened to be a string with a knot tying two pieces together. Yes I'm going to take that picture. It's it cheesy? Yes. Is is sweet? Yes. I like it.
 Then Alex was so smart and she built some time into her day to stop on the way to the reception and take some more fun wedding party photos. I love this bride.
 A few bridals.
 the whole wedding party and just the two of them on the stairs.
 Off to the reception which had amazing light, gorgeous paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling and candles everywhere. Oh...and look at that cake. Somehow I did not get a piece, but just looking at it makes me happy.
 They had a choreographed first dance, and man could they dance. They danced all night.
 Dance with dad.
 Dance with mom.
 Great expressions during the cake cuting.
 and dancing, dancing, dancing. Greatness!
 Bouquet and Garter toss.
 Her parents and his parents dancing
and at the end of the night they danced with each other parents. Love this!
 The lighting in the room was spectacular. Did I say that already?
 Exit to waving rally towels. Great idea!
Then I went back to their hotel with themfor a few more portraits. I love doing this with my couples. YOu only get one wedding day, you might as well get all the photo you can and at the end of the night when there's no rush to please your guests...why not get just a few more. These are in the hallway at the W Hotel in Dallas.
 And in their suite.
 There was a crazy loud party going on across the hall...but I don't think it bothered Alex and Chris too much. Drinking champagne and relaxing with you feet up after you wedding is heavenly.
 oh..and jumping on the bed :) I like that part.
 Congratulations Alex and Chris! I hope you absolutely love your photos.

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