Friday, January 6, 2012

April + Rahul = Happily Ever After

Last month April and Rahul get married at the Piazza in the Village and I was lucky enough to be their photographer. April and Rahul and all of their guests are without a doubt the nicest group of people I photographed all year long. Every time I took a photo I heard the words "Thank You". It was refreshing and wonderful to have people appreciate us so much at their event. It was a wonderful day full of love, fun and beautiful images. Here are some highlights.

I'll start with the bling. You know how I love things that sparkle. And her bangles were gorgeous red, gold and sparkly. Every time I photograph an Indian wedding I am in awe of their jewelry. I need some of these bangles :)  Indian brides wear these bracelets for luck, I would wear them for luck and because they are beautiful!
She got ready at Elixr salon across the street from the Piazza. Three photos into my post and I'mm jealous of April all over again ;) Elixr Salon is wonderful. The make-up artist and hairstylists were all simply amazing and I can just image what a day there must be like. Ahhhh....I need a spa day!
Love the cool door to the make-up room.
After hair and make-up we went across the street to the the rain. It rained all day long but April and Rahul were troopers and made the best of it. Here come the jealousy again. April had two of everything. Lucky! And lucky for me because I get more gorgeous photos to show off to you!
Her American wedding dress which she wore for the ceremony and the beginning of the reception and her Indian wedding dress which she wore for the rest of the reception and the exit. Both dresses were simply gorgeous.
The jewelry.
 The shoes.
Love this shot of her looking in the mirror as her sisters lace up the dress.
 Her bouquet.
The ceremony was in the chapel and you would not believe how beautiful it was. The pink and purple light at the altar, the rose petals lining the the aisle, the candles, the chandeliers, and even their names and wedding date in the doorway as the guests arrived.  
 I've already posted some shots of April and Rahul as they first saw each other, to see those photos just check out the blog post April & Rahul are Married! You'll see her walking in, him seeing her, the kiss and a few more. Here is the sweet little ring bearer and the flower girl waiting her turn. So cute!
 I love this shot right after dad gives her way. It's one of those perfect moments that happen at a wedding and it just makes my tear up every time. Next time you are at a wedding, watch this moment. The father almost always lowers his head as he walks away. Its a touching moment that his little girl is becoming a married woman nestled in with all the happiness of the day.
 A few more from the ceremony. I love the rose petals lining the aisle. Lots of venues won't let you use real rose petals but the Piazza is great, and the candles lining the aisle are pretty cool too. They are electric but look, feel and smell real. The effect is gorgeous without all the heat from the flames. Have you ever been in a room full of candles? I have. It's hot. These candles totally rock.
At the end of the ceremony Rahul gave her a bunch of coins and she held them up. Loved it!
 So happy!
 Back in the bridal room April and Rahul high-fived. I am seriously in love with this couple. Not only, were they super nice. They were so much fun to photograph.
 Their wedding party was super fun as well. I told them to be casual, and do something a little fun so Rahul took the bouquet and everyone else stuck a pose. Awesome!
The beautiful girls.
 The handsome men.
 We had taken some bridal photos a few weeks before the wedding. These are the ones they chose to have printed and displayed at the reception. Some of my favorites! And it worked out great that we got to take some photos of the two of them outside together since it rained on their wedding day.
Some alone time after the ceremony.
 Love these two.
Reception details. Amazing light!
So sweet.
 April and Rahul were a little shy and the DJ made them kiss before the dance. Everyone was clinking their glasses and it was so cute. 
 First dance.
 So I always try to take this photo of her hands wrapped around his neck where you can see the new ring and any other jewelry she's wearing but it doesn't always happen. With April it happened twice! I got this photo during the first dance with her American dress on and again during the private last dance with her Indian dress on. Happy photographer.
 There's nothing else in his face but love for April. He adores her and it is written all over his face.
 Dance with dad. Love this face too. 
 After the dances April and Rahul went and changed into traditional Indian wedding clothes.
 And came back to the reception for cake cutting, toasting and lots of dancing.
 All the hands in the air make this one fun.
 Garter and bouquet toss.
 I love, love, LOVe it when the guests really go after the garter and bouquet. So many times everyone stands there and ets it fall on the floor. Not this wedding!!! Awesome guests.
 April and Rahul snuck out before the  last dance to get a few photos in the photo booth.
 Here's that second photo during the private last dance :) Ring, jewelry, totally happy.
Exit...and yes, it was still raining but the guests were troopers and stood outside to wish them well and send them on their way.
 Congratulations April and Rahul. Your wedding was amazing and I wish you a happily ever after.

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