Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Red Balloons

This week I met up with Miss Avery, her mom and her amazing Aunt Ashley for a super fun family photo session. Last year we spent the day in Las Colinas, this year...Highland Park. Ashley scoped out a great park and she had a surprise in store for Avery. Balloons! We had so much fun here are the highlights.
Avery was so excited when she saw the balloons. Her face says it all.
Love this green coat with the bright red in the trees.
 These are two of my favorites. "N" is for Nebraska by the way.
 Peek-a-boo! Hey...I see you!
 We took some without the balloons too. Avery is a little collector and she found some pretty leaves.
 A sweet one with Aunt Ashley.
A cute one with mom.
 Can you say beautiful? I love this little girl :)
 She even brought me a surprise. Cupcakes! Thanks Avery!
I had a great time at the park with you guys. I hope you love your photos!

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