Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lisa and Brandon in Dallas

Sunday Lisa, Brandon and I spent a few hours taking fun engagement photos in Dallas. I love this couple, they are so fun!
We started at the reflecting pool over at the opera house. We had perfect weather for reflecting the skyline.
 Love this place...
...and this couple.
 Lisa wanted to see what the fisheye would look like so I pulled out the lensbaby with the fisheye lens and it looks pretty cool. I don't typically use my fisheye on engagement shoots but it really worked with the opera house in the background. It sort of gives me that peeking in on a private moment feeling and I like it.
 Super cool wall.
 Not really an alley, but it looks like it and it's red!
 I love to play with murals on walls.
Some close-ups with a nostalgic feeling.
Then we went over to a park so we could get the skyline in the background but it was really too foggy. I like the photos we got better with the trees than the skyline anyway :)
 Then...Balloons! First with the lensbaby with the regular lens in it.
 I love how it blurs the corners.
 Then another with the fisheye optic in. Cute!
 The balloons were so much fun and Lisa gave one to every kid we saw at the park. They were so excited! I think Lisa's a big kid at heart :)
 Finally their college shirts.
 I hope you love your photos! I can't wait for your wedding. It's going to be ahhh...mazing!

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