Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nicole and Daniel are Married!

Today Nicole and Daniel got married in a beautiful ceremony at the Northeast Wedding Chapel. They are a super fun couple and their wedding was oh so cool. They had lots of fun details that made their wedding unique like pie instead of cake and IBC Cream Soda as a favor. Fun! Here's a quick peek at their photos.
The rings.
Daniel and his guys all wore white Converse shoes and all the flowers were made of fabric. Amazing.
Nicole's dress and sandals.
He surprised her with a necklace and earrings to wear. Love her smile. 
They see each other.
Halfway down the aisle dad reached over and put his hand on hers she looked at him and I was done for. Its a good thing autofocus works when the tears start flowing. Such a sweet moment.
 The chapel.
The rings, the kiss, the smiles...ahh, how I love weddings :)
 Totally fun wedding party.
 Some alone time.
Check out one of their amazing engagement photos on the IBC Cream soda bottle :) You can see more of their engagement photos here if you want.
 So they had pie instead of cake. I am told that she bought him a buttermilk pie before they were even dating and he loved it and so they decided to have the pie at their wedding. LOVE it! There are a pie on every table. What a fun idea.
 The bouquet toss.
 High-five exit to bells.
 Congratulatons Daniel and Nicole! I'll have the rest of your photos edited for you soon.


  1. I love these, the tennies, the chalk board and the pie are totally awesome. You Rock! Beautiful photos!

  2. It Looked Beautifull ! Good Luck and have a Happy Marriage ! Love The Gallaghers

  3. was Awesome and looked like everyone had a great time and I LOVED the tennis shoes and the pie.Congrats Nicky !!!!