Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cuddly Kenzie

This afternoon I got to photograph Kenzie in Fort Worth. She's 15 days old today and she is super sweet. Her parents are amazing and her Aunt totally rocks. Mom and Aunt had so many great props that this is just a little sneak peek. There are way more photos to post later :)

First, Look at that smile. She's a cutie!
 And I love how she holds her hands close to her face when she sleeps. So sweet. 
 A family portrait. You may remember Sam and Jeremiah from their wedding photos May 2010. Now they have a perfect little family :)
 With daddy...and mommy.
 These are Kenzie's protectors. Jeremiah's mom passed away before Kenzie was born and we know she's watching over her from heaven while Trixie watches over her here on earth. By the way, Trixie is an amazing dog. Look how she's got her paw just touching Kenzie. We totally did not pose that. 
 The last two for now. She's got some big blue beautiful eyes and she was actually pretty content laying in daddy's arm like that. The suitcases were Aunt Beth's Idea. She might have to become my stylist. She rocks.
I hope you love them, I'll have the rest edited for you soon! Love you guys!


  1. Thank you again so much Sharon. It was so special having you take these because, as you know, you and Gregg have become part of our extended family. It is obvious that you love what you do and it shows. To be able to have these treasures of my granddaughter is beyond what I can express in words.

  2. You have done such great work with our family. I will be sure to use you in the future and refer you to anyone and everyone I know in that area.