Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday Night Football

College Football on Friday Night? In Texas? Wow! Last night The TCU Horned Frogs played the Baylor Bears in Waco and it was an unbelievable game. The final outcome wasn't what I expected...I haven't seen the Horned Frogs lose in years! Here are some highlights.

Purple hands...purple Frogs.
 TCU's quarterback scores in the first quarter
 Another first quarter touchdown. It was a really high scoring game with lots of action.
 And. Its. Third Down! I love that at Amon Carter and it was fun to see it on the road as well.
 Baylor stopped TCU from scoring on passes to the endzone several times.
 Second Quarter
 Trying to get to the Baylor QB. He was really good and his offensive line really kept the Frogs away most of the game.
 An incomplete pass in the third quarter.
 I noticed this player on the bench with TCU shaved into his hair. It was hard to see it all at once because it wrapped totally around his head. Cool! You can see the TC...Texas Christian, that's the important part anyway.
A series of photos of the quarterback. Handoff, getting the play from the bench, dropping back and passing. 
 Passing through traffic.
So I totally think Coach Patterson is a genius. Somehow he motivated his players to come back from a 24-point deficit to almost win the game. As a teacher, I'm always in awe of the motivational skills of coaches. How do they keep their players from giving up? How do they get them to push past what they "think" they can do. I need to go to coaching school.
At the end of the third quarter...the little fans were sad, the big fans were sad.
Fourth Quarter: The comeback. A few nice runs
 The helmet comes off.
A touchdown and a two-point conversion.
 Another touchdown for the Frogs.
 And I thought this was it. I really did. TCU forced the Baylor QB to fumble the ball, recovered the fumble and scored to make it 48-47. I was wrong.
 There was too much time left, Baylor was able to kick a field goal and then with second left they intercepted a pass to stop TCU and win the game. For the first time in years I had to photograph the TCU quarterback leaving the field sad. That was different.

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