Sunday, September 26, 2010

Richard and Trish's Fort Worth Wedding

I've been working to edit Richard and Trish's wedding photos all week and the more I look at them the more I like them. Why? Because they are a beautiful couple who got marring in a beautiful historic building and put so much of themselves into the wedding. Their photos make em smile when I look at them because they are so happy and it shows in each and every photo from the day. They were married at the Historic YWCA in downtown Fort Worth with the ceremony downstairs and the reception upstairs in the ballroom. Flowers were from Central Market in Fort Worth and they were just gorgeous.

The ballroom has a stage with this gorgeous curtain framing the reception room.
The rooms where Richard and Trish were getting ready were connecting so they could talk to each other through the door. It was seriously cue to see them not being able to see each other.
The wedding has started and Richard is still afraid he's going to see her too soon :)
Trish was all smiles coming down the aisle
While Richard teared up as the ceremony started. That's it. Right there. That's why I photograph weddings. To capture that pure emotion, the joy the happiness. The forever.
I love this on the left are Richards parents holding hands during the ceremony and on the right, Trish's parents exactly the same.
And now Richard and Trish holding hands after they are married.
The ceremony was in front of the fireplace and it was just wonderful.
Afterwards we went outside and had some fun with the bridal party.
A few ring photos. First on their cake topper that Richard hand-painted to look like the beautiful couple and second tied to their favor boxes.
Now for some alone time
Love their smiles here.
Her smile is just so cute as he kisses her on the neck.
Finally...a silhouette at sunset. What an amazing couple!

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  1. Sharon, those are just beautiful! Awesome job as always :) And Congrats Richard!