Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Football Weekend

I had a lot of fun shooting football this weekend.
I started the weekend at Newsom Stadium shooting the first ever matchup between crosstown rivals Mansfield Summit and Mansfield Legacy.
The quarterback.
Upside down.
I was standing in the bench area as time expired and Summit beat Legacy for the first time in school history.
The players were so excited, it was like they won a playoff game on the field afterwards. What a great celebration.
On Saturday I went out to Cowboys stadium to shoot TCU vs Oregon State.
If you check out the TCU Magazine facebook page you can see a ton of my photos from the game.
In the parking lot, the stadium is reflected in the glasses of a TCU tailgater.
This is kind of fun. The Showgirls wore TCU boots.
TCU's senior quarterback.
I always like it when I get the helmet coming off :)
Andy Dalton scores one of his two touchdowns in the game.
Love this airborne shot of the punt returner.
Trying to jump over the goal line to score the player is knocked out of bounds.
Frogs win!
Monday I got to go out to Cowboys Stadium again and photograph Trinity vs Shiloh Christian High School football. It was a high scoring game full of photos. They chose this one to run on the Star-Telegram website.
A fan wrapped in the Tongan Flag.
Catching a pass.
I love this one where the kid looking back intercepted a pass and ran it back for a touchdown and his teammates are all following him into the endzone with not an opponent in sight.
Falling over the goal line to score.
Jumping over the goal line to score.
The post-game Haka. If you've never seen it, it's worth the price of admission to go to a game just for the Haka. It's a really cool traditional tongan war dance the team does before the game and after if they win.

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