Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stephanie and Tee Jay

So Stephanie and Tee Jay were married last week and we did a "day after" session before the wedding to get some beautiful portraits for them to share with friends and family. It was fun to do the session before the wedding because they were so excited about their upcoming wedding, but it was so hard for me to keep the photos a secret for three weeks. :) Finally they are married and I can share!
You know how I love the rings, and the back of her dress was so amazing. Combined = a super cool photo.
One of my favorites.
Love this one. Isn't she beautiful?
We took a few outdoors too.
I think this series of them walking down Main Street with the Courthouse where they got married in the background is just perfect.
Sexy too!
Relaxing on a bench in front of the courthouse.
Congratulations Stephanie and Tee Jay!

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  1. I'm so glad you got to take my sister's pictures! They turned out so great! When i saw all of them a few made me cry. Lol