Sunday, July 25, 2010

Diana and Matt are married!

Diana and Matt were married today in the most intimate wedding ceremony I've seen. The sanctuary was packed full of friends and family all praying and singing with the bride and groom. It was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. I've photographed a lot of weddings and this is the first time I've seen the congregation sing along with the bride and groom. It was absolutely amazing, the room was truly filled with love.

Here is a sneak peek for you :)

I stopped on the way to the church and photographed the sign :)

Both bride and Groom prayed with family and friends before the ceremony. I love the hands on them. These were moments I will never forget.

Diana and Matt see each other for the first time.

Rose petals line the aisle leading up to the bride and groom under the cross.

Diana smiles as Matt slips the ring on the right finger...

Absolutely gorgeous. This couple is perfect for each other.

July 24, 2010.


  1. Thank you very much for posting these pictures so soon. Now we can share with family who could not be there. You did a fabulous job with the photography!

  2. Awesome pictures. Thank you for capturing the the spirit of the event in such a meaningful way.

  3. Sharon,
    Thank you for capturing the true spirit of this wedding. What a lovely job done by a true artist.