Thursday, June 24, 2010

Seana and Gary!

Seana and Gary's wedding was wonderful and amazing and I've already posted a few photos from the day. Here are the rest of the highlights for you.
This is my favorite photo from the day. I was watching them while they were talking to some guests and they were standing there with their hands crossed exactly the same. Like they were made for each other. It's so beautiful to me.

The rings.

Seana's gorgeous dress.

Just getting started.

Seana was so much fun getting ready.

She had a really cool dress.

The bride and groom make their final preparations.

He sees her for the first time as her Dad walks her in.
The bagpiper leads them out.

A sweet kiss right after the ceremony.

The couple being announced to their guests.

Love the the lights on the floor circling around the couple during the first dance.

A fun moment during the first dance.

And a toast.

One of the best garter and bouquet tosses I've seen in a while. Everyone was involved and having fun.

So excited!

The guys really jumped for the garter.

And the girls really fought for the bouquet.

She got it!

A dip and a kiss to end the last dance.

The bubbles exit.

Leaving in the Limo.

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