Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In the News

Last week I got a call from the Mansfield News-Mirror to be interviewed about wedding photography for their bridal section. Super cool! The article is about brides and grooms trying to save money on photography for their wedding and they interviewed three photographers and I was one of them. Want to read the article?

They didn't exactly get all my quotes correct, but that happens. In one quote there is something about the bride and groom might lose the disc of images...that never came out of my mouth and rest assured if you booked me to shoot your wedding, I keep backups of all my images so you could get another copy of your disc years later if you needed to :)

But basically I told the reporter that when your wedding is over, the cake (so yummy) has been eaten, the flowers (so pretty) have died, and the guests (so fun) have gone home, all you have left are your photographs. Yes, you can have your brother, uncle, cousin, or college roommate take your wedding photos with their new digital SLR and it will save you money, but there can be few problems with that.

First, most likely your brother, uncle, cousin, friend is not a professional (it's possible, and if that's the case go for it), and if they are not a professional they don't know composition, exposure and lighting.

Second, yes they are going to get a photo of your cake cutting and your first dance but will they capture those special moments, the looks, the touches, the things professionals know to look for.

Third, your brother, uncle , cousin, friend is going to spend a lot of time socializing and not shooting photos during your wedding, they may also have a few glasses of wine. They are part of your guest list and want to enjoy the party as well as take photos. And sine they are your family/friend you want them to enjoy the party too. Amazing things are going to happen and get missed because you don't have a professional photographer watching every move you make.

Finally, their cameras are likely not professional cameras. Most churches don't allow you to use a flash during the ceremony and professionals have the cameras and lenses to take those photos for you without the flash where they are properly exposed and in focus, but the SLR with the kit lens from Costco is not going to be able to capture that. Most likely you will end up with mostly blurry photos if your ceremony is in a darker venue, and if they use a flash you will end up with red-eye.

You have to shop around and find the photographer that is right for you. You have to find one that offers the package you want without adding in stuff you don't want. I offer "wedding coverage only" where you can buy the disc of images and cut your cost by not getting prints or an album and I also offer packages that save you money on the wedding day coverage because you are also buying products: albums, prints, engagement sessions, bridals, etc. You have to look at your budget and wants and see what you can get for your money, most wedding photographers will create a package designed for you based on what you want, all you have to do is ask.

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