Sunday, January 31, 2010

Recipe Cards

Supper Club was last weekend and we had a chili cook-off. I've already posted my chili recipe and you can find it here. But before I get to the free recipe card let me show you a new one that's available in the store to add to your collection.

I also made a new card for a chicken stew I made for dinner tonight. It's been cold and we are trying to eat home more often so I threw together some stew for dinner. It turned out pretty tasty and I thought I might like to make it again so I took a photo and made a recipe card before I could forget what I did. If you like chicken and you want something a little different try this stew.
You can purchase a recipe card here. If you prefer to keep you recipes on your computer instead of printing them out you can get a download in the store. Choose the recipe, click on the buy tab and then instead of choosing prints choose downloads. Downloads can be stored on you hard drive or printed out.

My contribution to the supper club Chili Cook-Off menu was dessert and since we had our mouths on fire from the chili I thought something nice and light and cool would be a good idea. I made one of my favorite desserts called an Icebox Eclair. My mom used to make a version of this when I was a kid and it's so great but this is a little lighter and healthier version. My mom's version used full-fat pudding made with whole milk, regular whipped topping and a can of chocolate icing. So good! This version uses sugar-free/fat free pudding which I make with skim milk, light whipped topping and the chocolate glaze is definitely not icing :)
Sorry, freebie expired, but you can purchase a printed copy in my store.

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